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Detroit airport terminal evacuated over suspicious device

(CNN) A terminal at Detroit Metropolitan Airport was evacuated for about two hours Monday morning due to concerns over a suspicious device.

The north terminal the smaller of the two at the airport was cleared to reopen around 8 30 a.m. an airport spokesman said.

Earlier screeners with the Transportation Security Administration noticed something suspicious in a passenger's carry on luggage said airport spokesman Michael Conway. Explosive teams looked into it and in the meantime passengers in the terminal were moved a safe distance away he said.

The passenger carrying the suspicious item was not under arrest but was being detained Conway said.

The larger terminal continued normal operations he said.

Wayne County Airport Authority spokesman Scott Wintner later said the device was removed from the north terminal allowing operations to be restored.

No further details were given about the suspicious device.

An FBI official said no explosive device was found.

CNN's Carol Cratty contributed to this report.

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Fear shadows Nepal homosexuals Human Rights Watch

NEW YORK Nepal should allow lesbian gay bisexual and transgender (LGBT) groups to operate freely and end arbitrary arrests of LGBT people Human Rights Watch said on Monday.

The government should investigate threats and attacks against LGBT people the rights body said.

Widespread harassment including by the government has contributed to a climate of fear among LGBT people and activists in Nepal and has interrupted vital activities including HIV prevention work it said.

The LGBT rights movement in Nepal is a regional and international leader but is under serious threat said Graeme Reid director of the LGBT Rights Program at Human Rights Watch.

While Nepal has made immense progress on LGBT rights in the past decade the government cannot afford to ignore the many problems facing LGBT people inside its borders.

Attacks on Nepal's LGBT activists have escalated in recent months from threats against individuals to physical violence and abduction Human Rights Watch said.

Over the past six months LGBT rights activists have reported being harassed by threatening text messages and being followed by people wearing masks who attempted to extort money or sex.

Some have been forced by these masked figures to make negative on camera statements against Blue Diamond Society the national LGBT umbrella organization.

In December the Blue Diamond Society asked the inspector general of Nepal Police to investigate threats against staff members including threatening phone calls and being followed after dark.

However these and other threats and intimidation have neither been investigated nor punished and have contributed to a climate of fear among LGBT people.

Many have been unable to congregate in public conduct HIV prevention outreach activities or express their views without fear of threats or reprisal.

Government harassment of the Blue Diamond Society has seriously threatened the group's activities Human Rights Watch said.

Government officials have been delaying the renewal of the group's operating licence.

A series of television news stories alleging corruption and incompetence by the Blue Diamond Society led to a government probe which halted the annual NGO licence renewal process and froze its bank accounts.

Nepal's government has made significant strides toward ensuring equality for LGBT people in recent years including recognizing a third gender category on official documents.

The government has also completed a proposal to amend all laws that discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity in line with a landmark 2007 supreme court decision.

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Faithful mark Easter at Jones Beach service

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March 31 2013 7 48 PM By DEON J. HAMPTON deon.hampton

Photo credit Ed Betz Worshipers gather for Easter sunrise service at Jones Beach in Wantagh. (March 31 2013)

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Videos Surviving Sandy Galleries Celebrating Easter Passover on Long Island Helping Sandy victims Aerial photos of superstorm Sandy damage

Long Island worshippers still coming to grips with the lingering devastation from superstorm Sandy sought solace in their faith during an Easter sunrise service at Jones Beach Sunday.

The celebration of Christ's resurrection brought renewed strength and inspiration to Derwood Fish 65 who has been living with relatives since his Seaford home of 40 years flooded in the October storm.

It shows you that the Lord has the power to do anything he wants and if people don't straighten up we might see more of it he said.

During his brief sermon before 200 people the Rev. Thomas A. Goodhue an ordained United Methodist clergyman addressed Jones Beach and communities hit hard by Sandy.

Have you ever felt hopeless and in despair Goodhue asked the crowd in the sermon titled Hanging on for Dear Life or Leaping toward New Life.

Didn't you want to get your possessions and life back he continued. But maybe God wanted for us something new to do something on this island.

Samantha Siegler 22 of Bellmore quietly listened.

It's a lot to think about but we're standing on a beach that was underwater a few months ago she said.

Fish who isn't sure when he will return home said he doesn't blame anyone for his situation but will heavily lean on his faith. It's a choice we make to live on the water he said.

Attendees gathered on the beach at Field 6 for the 30 minute nondenominational service held by the Long Island Council of Churches one of several worship groups at the beach Sunday morning.

Away from the service dozens of people stood along the water silently watching the sunrise and waves move back and forth.

We're very blessed to be able to worship on the beach said Bellmore resident Nancy Schneider 52.

Michael Riccuiti 73 of Bellmore said he annually visits the beach on Easter morning. I like to start Easter days with bright sunshine the Lord provided us he said.

During his sermon Goodhue who has led the council of churches since 1999 spoke of how Jesus could have passed for an average working man or a gardener while on Earth.

He also told of how Jesus' mother Mary didn't recognize him after being resurrected bringing home Goodhue's larger point.

It's the thought that a resurrected life is different from life before he said after the service. We can rebuild the Island stronger and bigger rather than clinging on to the past.

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Dumpster sized boulders trap man in Calif. for days found by dog

April 1 2013 (RIVERSIDE Calif.) Ramon Llamas was taking his usual hike on busy Mount Rubidoux when his dog Mole began whimpering and tugging at his leg.

He was talking to me in his language he was pulling me from my pants to go down and see the hole the Riverside man told KTTV TV.

The puzzled Llamas turned back up the dirt trail he'd been using. The dog led him off the path to some rocks.

In a crack between the boulders was the thin dirty face of a man who may have been trapped there for days without food or water.

On Tuesday the man whose name hasn't been released remained hospitalized for severe dehydration but he was alert and listed in good condition city fire Capt. Bruce Vanderhorst said.

Mole meanwhile was being praised as a hero.

If Mole hadn't acted I think it would be too late Llamas told the Riverside Press Enterprise. We find him at the right time.

No one reported hearing the man shout for help even though Mount Rubidoux is popular with hikers and daily exercisers.

Located within the city east of Los Angeles it has both paved and dirt trails that can draw hundreds of people every day.

Llamas is one of them hiking every day that he doesn't work.

His dog pulled him to a place off the dirt path and about 100 feet below the paved main access road.

When he first saw something in the boulders he thought it might be an animal.

It was dark and it was dusty because he was digging the dirt and I see his big eyes in his face and I thought it was a bear Llamas said.

Eventually he and another hiker recognized that the dirty weak figure was a man caught in a hole in between two boulders. The man called himself Paul.

He said 'I need water please don't leave me.' So I gave him water from my backpack and in a minute he said 'You got more ' So I give more water Llamas told KABC TV (http //

He said he'd been there between four and six days with no food Llamas said.

Rescuers were called and pulled him up from the Dumpster sized rocks in about 90 minutes Vanderhorst said.

The man seems unclear about how long he'd been trapped Vanderhorst said.

He's claiming up to five nights but also said he came up Sunday which would be a single day the captain said.

It looked like he slipped and fell down between two boulders almost like a funnel into a hole he said.

The man's shoes remained in the hole and his pants came off during the rescue Vanderhorst said.

The pants were later retrieved. Llamas told KTTV TV that he went back up the mountain on Tuesday and retrieved the red laced dirt scuffed white sneakers in order to return them.

He also said Mole a year old brindled shepherd chow mix has become a celebrity.

I went for a walk today Llamas said. The walk was OK but everybody stopped me just to pet Mole. They don't care about me they care about Mole.

Somebody give him a medal up there on the mountain. He's a hero right now.

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Calif. officers stop Easter Bunny driving motorcycle

A man dressed up as a giant rabbit was pulled over on a Southland freeway while heading to a charity event for failing to wear a helmet. (credit California Highway Patrol) A man dressed up as a giant rabbit was pulled over on a Southland freeway while heading to a charity event for failing to wear a helmet. / CBS Los Angeles/Califronia Highway Patrol

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Madison Avenue Springs April Fools Pranks Early

By now it has become commonplace for marketers and advertising agencies to front run holidays and big calendar events starting their campaigns centered on Christmas the Super Bowl or the back to school shopping season earlier each year.

For 2013 it seems April Fool s Day can be added to that list as waiting until April 1 to spring pranks on unsuspecting consumers becomes increasingly pass . The reason for the April Fool s front running is the same as the reason for the front running of other noted days the ability of social media like Facebook Twitter and YouTube to convey and amplify marketing messages.

For instance two major marketers started their April Fool s jokes last week. (Or officially it ought to be said seem to have started them in that neither is talking about whether their announcements were the real deal or tomfoolery.)

One company Procter Gamble along with several of its agencies introduced a Web site a video clip on YouTube and a Twitter hashtag for a new variety of Scope mouthwash called Scope Bacon billed as the mouthwash for breath that sizzles.

Bacon flavored mouthwash Really It appears that America must wait until Monday to find out if Procter is pulling its collective leg or perhaps pulling on a pig s foot. The other marketer the American Eagle Outfitters retail chain introduced what it described as a line of Skinny Skinny jeans for young men and women billed as our skinniest fit yet.

But in a video clip on YouTube the models appear to be wearing body paint rather than pants. And on the retailer s Web site there are cans of paint labeled Skinny Skinny in two colors at the preposterous price of $49.95.

Again American Eagle cautioned patience to those waiting for an explanation.

Some potential pranksters that pulled forward their mischief at least had the courtesy to label what they had planned as related to April Fool s Day. One was CBS which issued a news release on Tuesday that the April 1 episodes of The Price Is Right and Let s Make a Deal would have April Fool s Day themes.

In other instances April Fool s jokes were shared with reporters on Friday with the proviso that they be embargoed until Monday.

One example was a mock news release from the New York office of the Mother advertising agency announcing that Mother New York had been named the new agency of record for the shadowy conspirators known as the Illuminati after the mysterious organization spent nearly 237 years with its previous agency.

(Maybe the release is real in that as is the case with so many announcements about ad accounts changing hands Mother New York omitted the name of the previous agency.)

Munchkin a maker of products for babies and children is to announce on Monday an imaginary product named Naughty Mouth soap to make your point when baby s language isn t the cleanest. Flavors are to include lying liver and whining wasabi.

And the Professional Association of Diving Instructors is to announce on Monday an April Fool s addition to its offerings scuba diving certification for dogs and cats.

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Google Nose April Fools Day Prank Practical Joke Promises Sharpest ...

Ever wish you could search Google by smell Now you can.


Google as per tradition is out with their latest April Fools' Day prank to celebrate the practical joke based holiday.

Google Nose BETA the company's new fictional product promises to offer the sharpest olfactory experience available.

A video introducing Google Nose (viewable above) explains that the feature allows users to search for smells. Seems complicated right Well that's because it is (it's also fake). The product intersects photons with infrasound waves and temporarily aligns molecules to emulate a particular scent. The mobile aroma indexing program at the heart of the product has amassed a 15 million scentibyte database of smells from around the world.

But what about mobile Well Google has you covered. Their Android Ambient Odor Detection allows you to collect smells on your phone.

It all sounds so great. But your nose will have to wait because this incredible technology only exists in a fictional universe. Check out Google's 2011 and 2012 April Fools' Day pranks here and here.

For more on Google Nose click here.

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